This is one of the major reasons why the developers also offer the residents in the Florence Residences some form of a local marketing campaign. There are even advertising campaigns on the internet, which are directed towards people who are looking to relocate into the area. Apart, from all these great features, the developers of the Florence Residences are offering residents all sorts of perks and facilities. They have incorporated some of these into their packages, so that you do not have to pay for them. They also encourage their clients to participate in some form of advertising campaign as well. This way, the residents of the Florence Residences get to promote themselves as part of the local community.

Since the sale of the Florence Residences in 2020

The developers of the Florence Residences are also committed to giving their residents the chance to live a long and happy life. They provide health care and other personal care services, including the use of a doctor and a dentist, which allow you to get regular checkups. and treatment.

The maintenance of the Florence Residences is given more attention than what it usually would be given in a standard apartment complex, because of the fact that the residents are located closer to the city’s main business and commercial centers. This means that the maintenance costs are much lower and therefore the apartments will be paid off more quickly.

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