There are over 110 million people playing Minecraft every month and most of them are moving from free servers to their own custom-built Minecraft servers. Because then they can make money from their server.

However, if you are new to the game and want to play Minecraft online for free with your friends, then you can play for free at Minecraft server and experience the best Minecraft hosting servers in the world provided by SeekaHost.

How to play Minecraft online free?

The Game server hosting side of the business was found by Digital Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond and his team at SeekaHost and the ClickDo developers have created the best solution to help anyone create their own server fast. The entire solution is easy to set up and there are many tutorials at SeekaHost that shows how to create a Minecraft server.


When you know how to build a Minecraft server you will create the opportunity to invite your friends to play on your own servers and you can charge them. Which leads to making easy money online.

There are many providers who sell Minecraft server hosting and not many offer the 24/7 support like SeekaHost does it. As a leading web hosting company, SeekaHost provider live support as well as technical guidance for anyone to build their own Minecraft server.

If you are based in the United Kingdom, there is Good news for you!

You must then only buy UK Minecraft server hosting as the London based local servers as it gives the performance advantages.

It really makes a big difference if you are planning to scale the number the players who join your server.

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