Everybody should learn how to sell themselves.

Whether you are attending that first job interview, trying to get a place at your chosen University or actually looking to get into a sales career, then you must have the ability to sell yourself.

Selling yourself doesn’t mean you have to put yourself through some sort of sales training course, it means that you have to become aware of the qualities you have and more importantly, the value they bring.

One of the first things to do it to make a list of all of your key achievements and this could simply be something you did at school if you haven’t started working yet.

If you were the captain of your school football team, then it shows evidence of leadership, if you were part of an organization such as the scouts or guides, then it shows the same and obviously if you are working, then you can list your skills and work achievements.

Next, you need to think about the qualities that you have, and you stand for:

  • Hard working
  • Discipline
  • Boldness
  • Creativity
  • Resilient
  • Persistent
  • Ambitious
  • And so on…

But don’t do what everyone else does and write them down on your Resume/CV.

You have to evidence them.

And finally, list your passions.

It doesn’t matter what these are, but they will be part of the next stage, which is to combine everything together into one “offering.”

This is what you will use as the basis of selling yourself and it’s like a business proposal.

Businesses sell to other businesses on the basis of providing a business proposal of what they can offer the business they are selling to.

It will document exactly what they can do for the company, detail how they propose to do it and then back up their claims with evidence of past success stories or if they are a startup, then they will talk about the experience of the founder or co-founders.

Your goal is to take your personal qualities, skills and interests to showcase the value of what you can offer, whether this is a new job, college or whatever as I pointed out at the beginning.

In the sales world, if you cannot sell yourself, then you will never be able to sell a product or service effectively…people buy people.

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