Havaianas are probably the most popular of all flip-flop brands around the world. Although they are a very popular shoe type, you may be surprised to know that there are many different styles of these shoes. They come in many different colors and can have many different looks. Some people wear their Havaians as casual sandal shoes and some people wear them as dress shoes. They come in an array of different prices and can be found in every major department store.

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Havaianas has been around since 1962 and is still owned by the Brazilian company Alpargatas. Robert Fraser was the first person to patent flip-flops from rubber as inspired by Japanese zori sandals. He went through many prototypes before finding a perfect design that he thought would be best. These shoes were designed for wearing on rainy days and for beach wear. The most popular of all Havaians is the black Havaianas.

When you buy one of these shoes, you will notice that they have several different styles. You will find them in sandal style, boat shoe style, open toe, closed toe and closed heel style. All of these styles are popular with their own set of fans. In fact, some say that these shoes have become so popular that there are actually shoes auctions going on the internet where you can bid on them.

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