Crist Chiropractic is a practice which focuses on the diagnosis, management and treatment of diseases, injuries, disorders, and other conditions affecting the body. The philosophy of chiropractic is to help the patient restore optimal health through manipulation of their spine and its musculoskeletal joints in order to prevent or relieve chronic disease and improve the function of other body systems.


The basic goal of chiropractic care is to restore the natural and adequate range of motion of the neck and the cervical spine in order to restore a normal posture. The chiropractor will use his hands and instruments, such as an adjustable bed and chair, to apply various forms of therapeutic pressure to the body. These forms of manipulation include manual techniques and therapeutic movements, as well as the application of specialized machines, such as the spinal decompression chair. Chiropractic care is usually performed in a licensed chiropractic clinic.

Chiropractic care is recommended for individuals who may be suffering from chronic pain that does not respond to traditional methods of medical treatment or those who may be experiencing symptoms that have not been responding to conventional methods of treatment. This type of care is most often sought by individuals with back problems, such as lumbar herniations or whiplash. It is also used to treat individuals with neck or back problems, such as headaches or neck pain. There are a number of different kinds of therapies that can be used to treat problems with the body, including acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, and chiropractic.

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